World Cosplay Championships Stage Division


The peak of cosplay performance.
The greatest of cosplay performances. The stage performances to determine the best cosplayers in
the world are returning to the Cosplay Summit! The Cosplay Championship will be held on a real stage for the first time in 3 years. This time, only teams that are able to come to Japan will participate.


Event Date & Time

6 August (Sat) Event Start: 5:15PM Performance Start: 6:15PM


Aichi Arts Center Grand Hall
13-2, Higashisakura 1-chome, Higashi-ku, Nagoya 461-8525, Japan

Get off at Sakae Station on the Higashiyama Line or Meijo Line and walk 3 minutes.
(from Oasis 21 via underground passageway or 2F connecting bridge)
Nagoya Railroad:
2 minutes walk from Sakae-machi Station (Seto Line)
(From Oasis 21 via underground passageway or 2F connecting bridge)



WCS2022 Representatives list

Teams from different countries and regions participating in the World Cosplay Summit 2022.
* The list of participating teams is still subject to change.
* Only teams that are able to come to Japan will participate.

Stage Programs

Prize List

まらしぃ / marasy (Twitter) (HP)
Held a performance as a solo pianist at the Nippon Budokan in March 2021. Pianist and composer born and resident in Nagoya. Started posting piano performance videos since 2008, and his YouTube channel has currently more than 1,840,000 subscribers, with a total number of views above 800 million. His major debut was in 2010, and he has released 24 albums until now. He has contributed music for commercials of many companies, starting with the 2013 commercial for the Toyota Aqua. He is a pianist able to captivate the hearts of the listeners with just a piano.




Yukihisa Tamura and Masato Yoshihara from BOYS AND MEN(Twitter) (HP)

Two members of BOYS AND MEN, boys idol group from Nagoya, will try their first cosplay performance!

BOYS AND MEN Area Kenkyusei (Twitter) (HP)
The younger generation of the BOYS AND MEN entertainment group centered in the Tōkai area and active throughout the entire nation.
The band was formed from the “BOYS AND MEN Zenkoku Seiha Project Audition”.
With the purpose of fostering the entertainment talent of each region, members from each of the Nagoya, Tōkyō, Ōsaka and Fukuoka areas gathered in Nagoya as the “BOYS AND MEN Area Kenkyusei”-
They challenge several entertainment disciplines such as song, dance, stage play and musicals, looking forward to cheering up the entire country, and the entire world, from Nagoya!


And more!!


WCS Original Goods (Comes with spectator ticket) ¥1,200 JPY
* The original goods are planned to be an eco bag with an original logo on it.
* They will be handed out the day of the event.

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Please Note:

– Those who wish to come to the event in cosplay should take note of the following points:
– For anyone coming in a wide costume, please be aware that the seats in the venue are about 50 cm wide.
– For anyone wishing to come with a costume or a head piece that may obstruct other guests’ view, please be aware that you may be asked to refrain from entering or to remove the part of the costume or the head piece obstructing the view.

WCS2022 OFFICIAL trailer