Measures for the prevention of covid19

We kindly request those persons affected by the following circumstances in the 14 days prior to the celebration of the event to abstain from participation.

  • In case of having symptoms of cold or fever (body temperature higher than 37.5 °C)
  • In case of having been in close contact with persons that have tested positive for covid19
  • In case that there is the suspicion that persons in the same household or close acquaintances are infected
  • In case of having travelled to countries or regions for which the government has imposed entry restrictions or the need for a quarantine period upon entry, or being in close contact with a resident of such countries or regions

An inspection of physical condition including the measurement of body temperature is going to be conducted at the reception. Persons affected by the following circumstances will not be allowed to participate. In this case, the amount of the already purchase tickets will be refunded through contact via e-mail with the specific contact person. A written application and a proof of identity issued by public authorities will be requested. Details will be announced at a later date.

  • Having a body temperature above 37.5 degrees
  • Having symptoms of cold such as intermittent cough or a sore throat
  • Having abnormalities in the senses of taste or smell
  • Having an intense fatigue
  • Having a notification of contact with an infected person through the COCOA application for tracking of novel coronavirus contacts

Conversations inside the changing rooms are forbidden. Also, consideration is requested to avoid facing other persons while applying make-up. Please cooperate to avoid congestion by limiting your period of stay in the changing rooms to 30 minutes.

Cosplayer participants shall wear a mask (as a rule, face shields and mouth shields are not allowed) while moving around and being spectators. Please wear a mask when moving around and engaging in conversation, and take it off only when performing on the stage or when taking photographs. Staff members may request you to put on a mask. Please acknowledge that you may be forced to leave the event in case that you do not follow their indications.

Photographer participants shall wear a mask at all times.

Please cooperate by downloading the COCOA application for tracking of novel coronavirus contacts, recommended by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

COVID-19 Countermeasures and Prevention Initiatives

For the World Cosplay Summit 2022 ~20th Anniversary~, we plan to hold the event inluding measures to prevent infectious diseases based on the guidelines currently being implemented. We ask for your understanding and cooperation in agreeing to this when purchasing tickets and participating in the event.

Wearing of masks
Please wear a mask at all times when visiting and in the venue (face shields and mouth shields are not allowed as a general rule).
Implementation of temperature-taking
We will conduct a measurement of the body temperature of participants in the event with contactless thermometers. Those with a body temperature of greater than 37.5 °C cannot participate.
Placing of sanitizer
Sanitizer will be placed at various spots in the venue, so please wash your hands and sanitize your hands and fingers frequently.
Social distancing
We will strive to secure social distance in queues and when watching stage performances. When there are many people in an area, we will call out for participants to maintain a distance between themselves and others.
Prohibition of talking and cheering when watching stage performances
When watching stage performances, please wear a mask and refrain from cheering or engage in conversations.
Input of participant information when purchasing tickets
We will collect your information when purchasing tickets for participation in this event, in order to create a list of participants.
Recommendation of a contact confirmation app
Please use the covid19 contact confirmation app (COCOA). We seek your cooperation in downloading it.(
Thorough measures to prevent the spread of infection in changing rooms
We will limit the maximum number of persons that can enter the changing rooms at the same time, create separate spaces for each person to use, and thoroughly sanitize and ventilate the area. Conversation in the changing rooms will also be prohibited.