Here are the locations of the areas where you can take photos for the World Cosplay Summit.
If you would like to know what kind of locations you can shoot at, if you are unable to come to preview the locations, or if you are attending the event for the first time this year, please check them out.

Please click here for information on transportation and access to each location.

*Important notes for each of the venues


Notes by Venue
  • Photographing at the Galaxy Platform is forbidden outside the designated photographing areas and photographing booths.
  • Access to the Spaceship-Aqua may be restricted in case of congestion. Please follow the indications of the staff members.

Hisaya-ōdōri Gardens Flarie

Notes by Venue

Hisaya-odori Park – LOCATION PHOTO

Notes by Venue
  • Staying for a long time and photographing in front of the stores is forbidden.
  • Please pay attention not to block the pathways and causing inconvenience to passers-by.
  • A photographing event limited to participants will be carried out at the water basing at the southern side of the TV tower.

Ōsu Shopping District