Introduction:Participation rules of the World Cosplay Summit 2022

The World Cosplay Summit is an event taking place in a public space.

Visitors include persons not familiar with cosplay. Please mind about language and conduct that might harm the image of the characters, and be careful not to cause trouble to other visitors and passers-by.
Also, since the event takes place in a public space, there is the possibility to appear in pictures and videos taken by general attendants. Please acknowledge that not everyone present in the venue will have read and agreed with these participation rules. Cosplayers and photographers are expected to participate having previously read and agreed with the following participation rules. We request your kind cooperation in order to make an enjoyable event for all participants.

What are the “public spaces”?

The venues of the World Cosplay Summit consist entirely of public spaces!

The Oasis 21!
nd the Hisaya-odori Park!
And the Ôsu Shopping District!
And the Flarie too!

None of the venues are exclusive venues for the World Cosplay Summit. The general public will also be using the parks and stores, so please be careful not to cause any inconvenience.

About Participation

Cosplayers & photographers need a ticket to attend!

  • Cosplayer participants shall purchase a cosplay changing room ticket (including participation ticket) or a Participation ticket for cosplayers in advance.*A Participation ticket for cosplayers is required in case of participating with a changing room arranged with the own means.
  • Photographer participants shall purchase a participation ticket for photographers in advance.
  • The purchase of a participation ticket is not required for spectators not in cosplay and for casual passers-by taking some pictures with their smartphones. A partial area will be accessible only to holders of a ticket. Due to the requirement for social distancing this year, we strongly encourage those persons not participating as cosplayers or photographers to stay at home and follow the online streaming instead.
  • A limited number of tickets will be put on sale for each type of participation ticket. Please acknowledge that tickets will not be sold on the day of the event in case that they become sold out in the advance sale, and in consequence persons who could not purchase them will not be able to participate in the event. (An additional amount could be put on sale in accordance with the guidelines for the celebration of the event)
  • Persons holding a changing room ticket or a participation ticket will receive at the reception desk on the day of the event goods that will become a proof of participation. Please carry this proof of participation visibly during the celebration of the event. Staff members may call attention to persons not having them.
  • Tickets will not be sold on the day of the event at the changing rooms or the event reception. Please make sure to purchase them in advance.

Basically forbidden items

  • Photographing outside the designated area
  • Entering in houses and private property
  • Using gore and violent expressions such as blood, wounds or bruises
  • Excessive skin exposure. Exhibition of underwear or what appears to be underwear
  • Using actual uniforms or military uniforms, whether modern or traditional (fictional uniforms appearing in manga or anime are allowed)
  • Carrying dangerous props, such as edged tools or flammable products

About costumes, props and changing clothes

  • Changing clothes shall be done at the changing rooms arranged by the World Cosplay Summit Executive Office or at a changing place arranged with the own means (such as a hotel or inside a car). Changing clothes and applying make-up at the toilets is forbidden. In the changing rooms arranged by the Executive Office, a staff member of the opposite gender may enter in the changing room in case of emergency, after providing verbal warning. In case of changing clothes inside a car, please cover the windows so you cannot be seen from the outside.
  • Persons using the changing rooms of the World Cosplay Summit Executive Committee shall strive to limit their usage time to 30 minutes. Please cooperate with the reduction of usage time, for instance by coming with the base make-up applied.
  • For persons who change clothes at home and come by car, there is no problem in not using the changing rooms specified by the Executive Office. However, in such cases participants shall come to the reception desk already changed, in order to confirm that costumes comply with the regulations.
  • In case that participants are younger than primary school age, one guardian of the same gender can accompany them inside the changing room. (an additional ticket is not required) Please purchase two tickets in case that the guardian is also cosplaying.
  • All electronic devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras and music players shall be stored inside the hand baggage at the changing rooms. The hand baggage of participants may be inspected at the discretion of the staff members.
  • Weapons and long objects shall be covered while moving around. Please mind of your surroundings to avoid hitting with your costumes or long objects. Please keep their length and dimensions to an approximate size of about 2 meters.
  • When wearing short skirts or kimonos, please use leggings to conceal your skin.
  • Participants may be requested at the discretion of staff members to refrain from wearing inappropriate stuff such as costumes with comparatively excessive skin exposure, costumes with excessively sharp edges, or tight costumes that might result in severe dehydration of the participant.
  • The organizers and the Executive Office shall not be held liable for any loss or damage arising from the types of cosplay and their contents.
  • Please refrain from participating with make-up that can cause trouble to other persons, or with costumes that might leave the changing rooms or the venue dirty.
  • Please make sure that your costumes and props do not fall into the scope of the “Anti-Nuisance Ordinance”, the “Minor Offences Act” or the “Firearms and Swords Control Act”.

What stands for “excessive exposure”?

It refers to costumes in which underwear or private parts can be seen.
Please be careful not violate public morals and take measures against exposure to prevent underwear or private parts to be seen. Nudity of the upper part of the body only is permitted in cases such as showing the muscles of male cosplayers.

Staff members on the day of the event may call your attention, and you are requested to follow their indications. When moving around between venues with a costume that has a high degree of exposure, please be considerate with the surroundings and try to wear some clothes to reduce skin exposure.

In case that male participants cosplay as female characters (crossplay)

When male participants are cosplaying as female characters, please pay attention not to harm the image of the corresponding character. Please deal appropriately with hair in visibly exposed parts, such as armpit hair, leg hair or moustache and beard (scalp hair, eyebrows and eyelashes are excluded).
The use of wigs and similar accessories is recommended.

Can I bring this prop (weapon)?

Please try to make them as lightweight and neutralized as possible, so persons in general can think they are safe and secure.
* Neutralization refers to the use of materials or techniques that render the costume harmless to other persons.

Items that do not pose problems

  • Weapons or long objects with a length of up to approximately 2 meters
  • Costumes or props that do not fall into the scope of the “Anti-Nuisance Ordinance”, the “Minor Offences Act” or the “Firearms and Swords Control Act”
  • Sword blades made with safe materials that imitate metal or wooden swords
  • Items using metallic or wooden materials inside the handle, but have been neutralized by covering the outer side with safe materials
  • Model guns with the muzzle completely shut up, power turned off and no ammunition loaded. Self-made items which do not include a firing mechanism Props like toys

Forbidden items

  • Weapons or long objects with a length exceeding 2 meters /li>
  • Costumes or props that fall into the scope of the “Anti-Nuisance Ordinance”, the “Minor Offences Act” or the “Firearms and Swords Control Act”
  • Sword blades (or equivalent weapons) made of metal
  • Iron pipes or wooden swords
  • Plastic or silicon materials processed in sharp shapes

About photographing and exchange

  • The use of radio-controlled flash triggers (radio slaves) without a “Technical Standards Compliance Mark” may constitute an infringement of the infraction of the Radio Law. Please make sure that your wireless equipment has the “Technical Standards Compliance Mark”.
  • Please refrain from occupying a photographing spot for a long time. Staff members may call your attention.
  • Please refrain from posing in a manner that leaves underwear visible, and from shooting from excessively low angles.
  • Please abstain from using tripods outside the designated areas.
  • The use of reflector boards is allowed as long as they are of the hand-carry type and do not take more space than that of a camera.
  • Please refrain from photographing using large-sized equipment that might obstruct passage.
  • Regarding the manners for photograph and video shooting and for exchange, we request a moderate conduct that does not cause discomfort to the other persons.
  • Please refrain from taking pictures without the consent of the photographed persons.
  • Please consider obtaining the permission of the photographed persons before uploading pictures to the internet or publishing them on magazines or other printed media.
  • In case that peeping or "see through" photographing with techniques such as infrared light are discovered, the data will be deleted immediately and offenders will be reported to the police.
  • Please obtain the consent of the photographed persons before requesting poses, giving a handshake or requesting to take pictures together.
  • The use of props such as long objects, small arms, rackets or balls is forbidden except for posing in pictures. Please do not wield, kick or throw them.

What are the “designated areas” in which tripods can be used?

Basically this refers to the following.

Oasis 21 Field of Green (the parts with glass floor cannot be used)
Squares in ZONE3 and ZONE4 (within color cones)
Outdoors of the Flarie

Please refrain from using a tripod except in designated areas.

Important notes for each of the venues

Not all the venues are occupied exclusively by the “World Cosplay Summit”. General visitors are also using the parks and shops, and therefore we ask you to pay attention not to cause them any annoyance.
Please refrain from entering the Aichi Prefectural Art Theater (Aichi Arts Center) unless you are using the changing room at the Art Space.

Oasis 21

  • Free photographing gatherings at the Galaxy Platform (underground event area) are forbidden outside the designated photographing areas and photographing booths.
  • Free photographing is allowed in the area marked in Field of Green, but please do not use equipment such as tripods on the surfaces with glass floor, since there is the risk of causing damage to the facilities.
  • Access to the Spaceship-Aqua may be restricted in case of congestion. Please follow the indications of the staff members.
  • Pets are not allowed. In the case of assistance dogs, the assistance dog shall carry the corresponding identification and the user shall bring the written certification.

The places in which photographing is allowed are basically the following.

Oasis 21 Cross section

*Click on image to enlarge

Oasis 21 Galaxy Platform

What are the “designated photographing areas” and the “photographing booths” at the Galaxy Platform?

Free photographing is allowed in these photographing spots and photographing booths!

Free photo sessions are not allowed in the Galaxy Platform except here.

Oasis 21 Field of Green

Free photographing is allowed in the area marked in red, but please do not use equipment such as tripods on the surfaces with glass floor, since there is the risk of causing damage to the facilities.

*Click on image to enlarge

Hisaya-odori Park

  • Staying for a long time and photographing in front of the stores is forbidden.
  • Please pay attention not to block the pathways and causing inconvenience to passers-by.
  • A photographing event limited to participants will be carried out at the water basing at the southern side of the TV tower.

*Click on image to enlarge

Hisaya-ōdōri Gardens Flarie

Other important points

  • You can leave baggage such as carry bags at the place to store baggage inside the changing rooms. (The purchase of a changing room ticket (including participation ticket) is required) The handling of valuables shall be done upon the individual responsibility of each participant. The organizers and the Executive Office shall not be held liable in case of theft, loss or accident.
  • The layout arrangement of the venues and the program times may be changed without prior notice.
  • Sales, unauthorized distribution of pamphlets and media coverage at the event are forbidden.
  • The organizers and the Executive Office shall not assume any responsibility for any trouble occurring between participants. Please solve those between the concerned parties.
  • In case of emergency, please keep calm and follow the indications of the staff members.
  • Any other conduct deemed prohibited at the discretion of the event staff will be prohibited regardless of the reason for that conduct. In case that participants cannot follow the rules above, they may be expelled at the discretion of the staff members besides being reported to the public authorities.
  • Participation in the event involves the understanding and agreement with the rules above.

Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.