The World Cosplay Summit is an event to be held in a public place.

This year's venues will be centered around the Oasis 21 complex, and include the Aichi Arts Center where the championship will be held, RAYARD Hisaya-odori Park and Fularie as cosplay photo shooting areas, and Osu Shopping Street as a cosplay promenade area.
During the event, there will be people who are not familiar with cosplay or the event, as well as general visitors (e.g., people passing by and using the facilities). In each of the facilities, please refrain from disturbing general visitors and people passing by, as they will be open for business as usual.

With the exception of the event stage and event areas, please follow the rules of each facility when using them. For those participating in cosplay and photography, please also check the joint terms of participation. By participating in the event, you are agreeing to the World Cosplay Summit's terms of participation, and allow us to take the appropriate corresponding action. We ask for your understanding and cooperation so that events that everyone can enjoy can continue to be held.

Cosplayers & photographers need a ticket to attend!

If you are participating in cosplay or filming, please also read the "COSPLAY PARTICIPATION RULES".
Your participation in the event will be handled as your agreement to the World Cosplay Summit's participation rules. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.



WORLD COSPLAY SUMMIT 2022 ~20th Anniversary~


Friday, August 5, Saturday, August 6, and Sunday, August 7, 2022


Eve Festival Friday, 5th 18:00 - 21:00

DAY1 Saturday, 6th 11:00 - 21:00

DAY2 Sunday, 7th, 11:00 - 21:00


Oasis 21, Aichi Arts Center, Hisaya-odori Park, Fularie, Osu Shopping Street

Organized by

WORLD COSPLAY SUMMIT Executive Committee

(Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Aichi Prefecture / Nagoya City / Nagoya Convention & Visitors Bureau / Osu Shopping District Alliance / Aichi Television Broadcasting / Central Japan International Airport / WCS)

Concurrent Events



WCS OMOTENASHI Executive Committee / WCS Academic Committee


Precautions for Visitors

*You are responsible for your own transportation fees to the event venue, as well as accommodation expenses, etc.
*Public transportation is recommended when coming to the venue. No special parking lot for this event is available.
*Those in wheelchairs and guests requiring assistance should come accompanied by someone.
*Standing in wait or coming to the venue the day before the event is strictly prohibited. If you are found to be standing in wait all night, you may be given warning by the police. So that the event can continue to be held, please do not engage in this kind of behavior.
*Neither the organizer or the venue will be held responsible for any accidents or trouble, etc., between visitors.
*Please note that it may take some time to enter the venue depending on how crowded it is.
*Please note that you may be asked to wait outside before or immediately after the start of the event, or during busy times. Please take responsibility for your own physical condition.
*In order to ensure you can enjoy the event safely, you may be subject to a baggage search upon entry.
"*Please understand in advance that you may be refused to participate in the event if you cause trouble for other customers, or if the staff deems it so for other reasons "

Precautions at the venue

*Please make sure to read the rules on the website beforehand, and on the day of the event, please follow the guidance within the venue and the staff's instructions when participating in and watching each event.
*If you see a suspicious object or person, please inform the nearest staff member.
*If you feel sick or are injured, please notify the nearest staff member.
*We do not make loudspeaker announcements under any circumstances. Before entering the venue, please decide on a meeting place and means of communication in case you become separated from your child or the person you are with.
*You will be responsible for communication charges when using Internet service in the venue.
*Please make your own preparations if you need Wi-Fi, etc.

Please refer to the FAQ page for answers to the questions we have received from our customers.

Cosplayers and Photographers are requested to read the rules of participation for cosplaying and photographing before participating in the event.