Ôsu Cosplay Parade

Ôsu Cosplay Parade

■ Event outline

Date and time: 7 August (Sun) 12:00~13:15
Place: Ōsu Shopping District

Representative teams from overseas

14 countries + WCS alumni (former representatives), with a total number of approximately 50 participants!

Participation in the Cosplay Parade

Participation cost: Free of charge
The meeting time and place is to be informed afterwards.

Information about the changing rooms in the Ōsu area

Opening time: 6 August (Sat) and 7 August (Sun) 10:00~17:00
Please refer here for the details and application

Click here for details and application

* These are not the changing rooms provided by the World Cosplay Summit
* Persons using these changing rooms and who wish to enjoy cosplay at the Oasis 21 or Hisaya-odori Park areas must purchase a participation ticket for cosplayers separately.

* The event ends immediately as soon as the parade is over.
* Cosplay at the Ōsu Shopping District is also allowed for persons without a participation ticket or a proof of participation in the World Cosplay Summit.


Ôsu Cosplay Parade 2019

*These photos are from 2019. Please wear a mask when participating in this year’s event to help prevent corona infections.