WCS Official Characters

They are agents chosen to search for the greatest cosplayers from all over the world. All of their right arms are equipped with a camera…

These characters were designed by Mel Kishida, a famous Japanese illustrator. Let’s see how these 4 characters get involved in the future! Cosplay as these characters and come to WCS!
World Cosplay Summit Official Characters’ License Agreement


Name / Yuni
Age / 18
Date of Birth / June 27
Height / 153cm

Name / Ras
Age / 29
Date of Birth / August 5
Height / 186cm

Name / Glora
Age / 22
Date of Birth / April 27
Height / 175cm

Name / Barry
Age / 19
Date of Birth / August 18
Height / 170cm

Name / Belle
Age / 20
Date of Birth / 5/20
Height / 160cm

Illustrator’s bio

Mel Kishida
Illustrator and character designer. His notable works include the character design of the video game series “Atelier,” and original character design of “Sound of the Sky (ソ・ラ・ノ・ヲ・ト)” and “Hanasaku Iroha (花咲くいろは)”
The official website of Mel Kishida


Spin-off planning “Gakuen Project” launched!

WCS official character spinoff plan “Gakuen Project (provisional name)” starts from this year!
4 WCS official characters will be cosplay club and aim for the world stage! ?
The story is scheduled to be released later!

(c) WCS / QP:flapper / Kishida Mel


Illustrations published to date.

[WCS2016 ver. special costume]


[WCS2015 ver. special costumes]


[WCS2014 ver.]


[WCS2013 ver.]