How to Purchase Tickets

How to Purchase Tickets

Tickets for the cosplay events of the Cosplay Event of the World Cosplay Summit can be reserved or purchased from Rakuten Ticket.

*After the purchase, you will be able to issue or receive your ticket from July 16 onwards.
*Purchased tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded.

*Please get in touch with us from the Rakuten Ticket Inquiry Form if you want services in English.Rakuten Ticket will provide services individually.

○Payment methods

You can choose to pay by credit card or at a convenience store.
*Please check the Rakuten Ticket website for details.

○How to get the tickets

You can choose from the following methods.

  • Get the printed ticket at convenience stores
  • Get e-ticket on Rakuten Ticket’s smartphone app
  • Postal delivery

*Please check the Rakuten Ticket website for details.

○If you have any other questions regarding the purchase of tickets, please contact Rakuten Ticket customer support.